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Our Sustainability Mission

Here at Ogiers we want to supply you with the best quality brands and this includes ensuring the clothing we stock is made ethically and sustainably. We work hard to encourage our suppliers to have robust ethical and sustainability statements and we have even made changes ourselves. Find out more about our sustainability journey below! 

Our Brands

We want to ensure that the brands we offer you in store have robust sustainability statements. We have done extensive research on all of our main brands and have created summaries which are displayed below. Click on each poster to find out more.



What we are doing?

We continue to encourage and campaign our brands to adopt more sustainable production and packaging techniques in order to meet our goal of being zero waste.


We made the switch to paper

In 2019 we made the switch to paper bags in all of our shops. When you purchase something in our shops you get a free, high quality paper bag. 

We also work hard to recycle all packing materials and never use plastic unless it is necessary. 

Guernsey wildlflower.jpg

Local Partnerships

Ogiers is a proud sponsor of the Island Wildflower and Wildlife Garden Competition which aims to encourage garden owners to cultivate diverse habitats and increase biodiversity in their own gardens.

The competition hopes to see threatened species numbers increase and to develop a record of wildlife found within local gardens.

Ogiers is passionate about such a project and we want to see the whole island benefit from wildlife havens in order to celebrate that wild can be beautiful.

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